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Who we are

We are a cutting edge social media marketing and management company. Launched in 2016 we have seen significant growth across all of our services. If you are looking to increase sales, lower advertising costs, launch a new business or better manage your brands online reputation you have come to the right place.

What we do

We set you up with amazing social media accounts you can use to grow or promote your business brand.

Why us

Traditional advertising and marketing is constantly evolving. If you do not have a strong online audience built for your brand, you will struggle to attract the new generation of consumers.

The emergence of social media and smart phones globally has given businesses an unparalleled opportunity to communicate directly in real-time with potential consumers all over the world.

MyBrandBoost provides you with an optimized social media footprint which allows you to maximize your brands reach.




We sell pre-built Instagram accounts that have a targeted following in your industry. These accounts are all very active and have great user engagement. They are perfect for you to change into your business or brands name and start advertising your products and/or services. These accounts sell fast, in the event that we do not have an account that will work for your business we will grow one for you.


Let us handle everything. We share your content and engage with your audience. We handle all of your social actions and target your ideal consumers. Your accounts continue to grow at a healthy rate. You can either provide us with your existing accounts, have us create one, or purchase one of our existing pre-built accounts. All account management packages include our ‘targeted organic’ advertising to a minimum of 600 potential consumers every day.


We can target your competitors social media accounts and nurture their followers over to your account. We do this by isolating their most active followers and interact with them daily. This is a very organic process and the follower chooses to join your account. Once they join we continue to interact with them to make sure they stay up to date with your brand.


Do you have really great content, products and/or services but you’re not getting the results you want? We can leverage our existing network and proprietary tools to help your posts get featured and shared to a larger audience increasing your chance to go viral.


Want to go it alone but do not know where to start? We offer consultations that will get you going in the right direction. We review your most recent social media actions and provide a plan you execute to improve your results.


We optimize your social media profiles and online social actions so your account has the highest chance to have your content featured and/or shared. Like web SEO this is not an overnight process, but the chances of your content going viral is much higher with a solid social media SEO backing.


Most brands do not have a strong social media following when they start out, but you do not have to fall into that category. We are always building targeted accounts in different industries for business owners just like you.

These accounts are grown by targeting proven successful companies in your industry. We grow a female fashion account much different from a wedding photographer or a personal trainer account. The audiences are all targeted specifically for each account. So rest easy, the account will work for your business.

As an example lets say you are a new personal trainer or opening a women’s fashion boutique in Toronto. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have 5,000 targeted people to share your content and services with? As long as your content is engaging your followers will share with their friends, and just like that, you’re established and credible!

It is proven that before a consumer decides to purchase a product or service they cross shop other sites and compare each companies price and credibility. Would you be more comfortable buying a product or service from a company that has 5,000 or 500 social media followers?

If we do not have an account that matches exactly what you want, we will grow one from scratch for you. We sit down together and plan what you want. On average our new accounts grow 2,000-3,000 targeted people in the first 30 days.


Let’s face it, you are in business and need to spend as much time as possible running your company. Most organizations struggle to manage a consistently successful social media presence. The reasons why most companies fail at this fall into a mix of; lack of time, budget and/or knowledge.

Social media marketing will be the single most important marketing decision your company makes. You build a following and you advertise and engage with them for free at any time.

This is where we come in, we are the experts. We offer a host of options to increase your social media reach, and we will even manage it for you. You are as involved as you wish, however we strongly urge your participation in the initial strategy aspect.

All of our packages include ‘targeted organic’ advertising to a minimum of 600 people per day.


We are very excited to announce we now offer our proprietary competitor targeting service to everyone! You provide your social media accounts and a list of direct competitors and we nurture their audience over to your existing accounts. Our existing customers are seeing amazing results from this.

Whether you are just starting out or a proven long-term business, this option is perfect for everyone.

Targeting starts at just $199 !!!

Contact us today to start stealing your competitors audience today!


Everyone says content is king, but if your content is amazing and you have no audience how does that help you? We believe having amazing content and a targeted audience is the only successful scenario.

Social media platforms analyse your social behaviors and present to you what they think you will like to see in your news feeds. We can leverage some of the determining factors in this formula with our existing network. This gives you a better chance to have your content featured to more targeted users.


We offer social media consultations for those who prefer to go it on their own. The consultant will check your current social media accounts, content, followings and the most recent 90 days of activity.

The consultant will prepare a strategy that you can execute to help you meet your social media business goals.


What is “Social Media SEO”?

All of the major social media platforms have an algorithm (fancy word for formula) which decides what content you see on your social media feeds. It filters what it thinks you want to see based on your past views, comments, shares and likes. It also attempts to find spam and prevents it from landing in your feeds.

Understanding these constantly changing algorithm’s is not easy. We test different strategies and work with an amazing group of developers who build us our proprietary tools. Our testing environment consists of over 100 accounts with a total following of over 1,500,000 real people. Of course these people do not know they are in a testing environment they are real engaged fans of the accounts they are following. This is why our results work so well in the real world, we test it there before using it on your account.



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We take your issues seriously. For every question you ask we will provide and answer to the best of our abilities.

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